Balance Through the Chaos.
Motherhood is finding balance through the chaos of daily life. It is selfless love for those around you, while struggling to maintain your own self-identity. Moxie+Verve is on a mission to help working mothers find that balance! We want you to feel organized, confident, and ready to take on life's challenges by providing you a beautiful and practical bag to carry you through motherhood and beyond. Why working mothers? Every mother is a working mother. You shouldn't have to choose between what is convenient and practical OR what makes you feel good. I've been there! You want to navigate through the stages of motherhood and the work force with ease, grace, and style, without feeling like you've sacrificed a piece of yourself to do it. Do you have to be a working mother to love our bags? Of course not! Although this bag was built with the working mother in mind, it can be the perfect addition to any person's bag collection. While we're getting started, please sign up for our newsletter or check in on our blog to stay posted during pre-launch. We may contact you for product feedback opportunities and to join our community on Facebook.

Now, for the good stuff. What makes this bag so great? Let's go through the list!
  • Stylish - Who doesn't want a cute bag?
  • Practical - Hands-free, baby!
  • Reliable - You want a bag to last you through seasons of life!
  • Comfortable - Carry your stuff painlessly!
  • Multi-Functional - Baby, Breastfeeding, Work, Gym, Travel - the world is your oyster!

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Moxie+Verve Mission

Balance through the chaos,
one stylish bag at a time.


Empower women to feel beautiful, organized, and confident to fearlessly pursue their passions and take on life's challenges.

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